Gert Taeymans

I just love creative and structural thinking in many incarnations: in IT, in Risk, in Web Design, in working with you and with my team.

My team is what makes our product tick!

My passion is to help people and organizations attain a higher level of efficiency and work better together. Increased customer satisfaction as a result, is what counts. I do this for Sole Traders, small and medium enterprises and large companies.

I have over 20 years of experience directing the implementation and management of mission-critical services for businesses in high-volume international markets.I build teams that perform at their best and the result is that you receive a website that rocks! I've been involved in the web since the early 90'ties. (Before that even in 1987, but that was before the www) I was back in Tokyo then, working for a design / production company where we produced among others Tokyo Time Out (YES!! that Time Out) and the American Chamber Of Commerce Journal (ACCJ). Since then, we've evolved from hand coded pages to frameworks, Google moved out of the garage :-), we went full commercial and we encountered hackers and needed to ensure our pages and products sell on various platforms.

I sharpened my skills in Tokyo, in New York, in California near the Valley and in London. I think I can help you with your site and iPresence(tm), again, together with my team.

The web is a wonderful place, full of opportunity, full of competition, full of drive and anticipation and hope. Make sure your message gets heard!

Christine Baloloy

I'm a warm personality with a sharp eye for design and strongly developed technical expertise in web and logo design. I love working with clients and getting their vision implemented in beautiful and functional web pages.

I can teach you how to use your new gert taeymans ecommerce website, with all the patience, support and happiness needed. I understand that this web technology is like a foreign language to many. Our clients are business owners, busy with ensuring that they can sell their services. The website is just a tool, it is not the purpose: the purpose is to sell your services. And our team helps you with that. Either by teaching you, or by providing the right service for you.

Our client base reaches Europe, the US and Asia. You are in good hands with me and with gert taeymans .site. We love caring for your project and your business. Myself and our team are at the ready for you.

Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Trained in Web Design & Development, Business Application Software
Licensed Teacher (taught Information Technology and Mathematics subjects)
Skilled in web design and development, graphic design, desktop publishing, photo editing, search engine optimization
Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog, Basic Japanese

Content Management System – Joomla and WordPress (incl. plugins, extensions, components, themes and page builders)
Graphics Software – Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape
Web Design – Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3
eCommerce – Opencart, WooCommerce

Enya Özçelik at gert taeymans bvba

I’m a creative soul who has experience with various forms of media such as photography, film, graphic design and illustration.

I’m a recent graduate of the University of West London where I studied Graphic Design and communication for 3 years. During this course I developed my Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign skills in creating logos, books (both print and digital), campaign posters and layouts for applications and web content.

I love solving the creative problems clients bring and creating work that truly resonates with them and or their company’s vision.

At I can use the full gamut of my graphic arts to benefit you, our client.

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