Where do you start if you want to build a successful business? Well, this isn’t difficult to crack if you have got the right support system in place. By the right support system, we mean a dedicated team, ethical set of tools, latest technology, appropriate business partners and of course a well-thought out marketing strategy.

When it comes to the marketing strategy, since other factors are relatively easy to achieve, things can get a little more involved. Both advertising and marketing have come a long way. Once there was a time when marketing campaigns were just limited to running ads on television, radio, newspaper and magazines. However, the business world today resides online and businesses are expanding their reach to connect with their audiences through digital marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing is promoting or creating brand awareness using the Web or Internet. The whole concept is-


It is all about reaching the right people, connecting with them and engaging them in the right way. With the evolution of digital media, you have an opportunity to meet people where they are already spending time i.e. “the internet”. From your website to your online branding channels- digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures and beyond – there’s a huge spectrum of tactics that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. 

We have outlined the top 5 reasons why your brand needs a well-defined digital marketing strategy.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy Gives Direction And Sets Goals

While building a strategy, you learn what to do, how and why you need to do it. All this together will help you set the right direction as well as goals to be achieved over time.

Companies who don’t have a proper strategy lack the sense of what they want to do and how will they handle some of the essential elements.

A well-defined marketing strategy will take you in the right direction and help you tackle crucial business aspects like specifying your target audience, constructing an effective digital program and ultimately running a successful online campaign.

Your Costumers Are Online

According to a study, internet users grow at a rate of 1 million new users a day. Further, 60% of the consumers agree to “I cannot live without my smartphone”.

The data clearly shows how consumers today are looking for digital content and want each of their purchases to be unique. A study shows that 97% of consumers report that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Also, as per GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.

This means that your digital marketing strategy must be in line with your business goals and aligned with where your customers are. Engaging your consumers in the right way, in the right location will help you turn browsers into customers.

Influencer Engagement

Today, most of the influential figures promote themselves online or through social media. When you engage in digital marketing or maintain a proper digital strategy, you can engage with these influencers, gain their respect and get them to endorse you. This, in turn, will lead their followers to become your customers and spread brand awareness.

Increase Interactivity

Digital marketing is a living thing, it is a verb. It lets you communicate directly with the customers who see your content, notably through website comments, messages, reviews or social media posts. This tells the customers that you care about what they say or think, thus leading them to feel respected and part of the community you’re building. It also allows you to gather invaluable information on customers’ reactions and preferences.

Remarketing on social media tells consumers what they may have missed and gives them a constant reminder of your brand. With personalized ad content, you end up increasing customer interaction and encourage them for future purchasing.

Widen Your Reach

Digital marketing lets you strategically focus on reaching a greater audience and increased brand visibility. It provides you with new ways to target your audience, gives great exposure and builds effective brand recognition. 

Whether it’s through blog content, social media or search engines, you can reach out to those customers who have been missed earlier. This will tell them you care and instil a sense of trust. This way you can create a wide network and increase conversions gradually.

Obviously, there are more than 5 reasons why you need to do digital marketing based on a strategy.

A report by E-Marketer says that by 2020 the digital ad spending will reach $23 billion. So, it’s time to join in. Talk to us about what your goals are and we’ll help you get there.